Nerds In A Flash Computer Repair

Nerds in a Flash has been repairing PC and Mac computers in Austin and San Antonio for more than 13 years. We can fix most computer problems in an hour or two, but if you’ve got a particularly tough job, we can take your gear back to HQ and get things sorted out overnight. We repair all computer makes and models and can assist you with network issues or any other technological nightmare you’re facing. We also offer proactive IT and IT consulting for business through our managed services arm, Technique.

We Solve Computer Problems at your location for a Flat Rate. No hourly rate billing with The Nerds!

Think of us as your smartest nephew, but friendlier. Nerds in a Flash mobile computer repair experts can help you with...

  • Same Day Service

    • Get a Nerd out to you same day in most cases.
  • Wireless Setup and Wireless Network Repair

    • Confusing new router instructions are no match for our experience.
    • If you’re having to read this on your phone because your wifi is down, we can get your network back up and running.
  • PC and Mac Repair

    • Nerds in a Flash technicians can repair whatever device is currently giving you hell. We repair desktops, laptops and tablets - including all Apple products.
  • Data Backup

    • Think about all of the important documents you have on your computer. Now think about what would happen if you lost them. We’ll back up everything you need to protect against the unforeseen.
  • Data Recovery

    • If you neglected to call us for data backup and the unforeseen did happen, we can help you get that important information back. Price range depends on how much data is being recovered and whether the data can be recovered onsite or must be recovered in shop.
    • If we have to take your hard drive back to our lab, redelivery is free.
  • Virus and Spyware Removal and Cleanup

    • If your computer is doing a bunch of stuff you don’t understand, you may have been infected by a virus, malware or spyware. These problems aren’t just annoying, they can compromise your physical and financial security. We’ll eliminate these threats so that you can use your computer without the danger of being bankrupted by Serbian hackers.
  • Reformat and Reinstall

    • When things go haywire, sometimes the best option for fixing your computer is to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. Nerds in a Flash’s reformat and reinstall service gets your computer running like new while saving all of your important data. Price range is dependent upon whether there is data recovery involved, if there is a part failure, and whether or not the recovery can be performed onsite or must be repaired in shop.

This is only a sampling of the computer disasters that Nerds in a Flash can fix. If you don’t see your problem on here (or don’t know what your problem is), that’s okay. Our mobile computer repair techs can diagnose and repair most problems onsite. Convenient computer repair in Austin and San Antonio has never been so easy.

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