Microsoft announces end of life for Windows 7….Additional Nerd News

May 14, 2019

Microsoft has announced end of life for Windows 7. This is a surprise for many, however Windows 7 has been out since July 22, 2009 so it is due for expiration. What does this mean for you? By January 14, 2020 you need to have either upgraded your computer or upgraded your operating system to Windows 10 or you will be under attack and in a very unsafe situation every minute that your computer is powered on. What does end of life mean? End of life means Microsoft stops releasing security patches. When this happens, your computer is a metaphorical ticking time bomb for viruses and malware. Essentially you become an easy target with nothing standing between you and the bad guys. Once end of life commences all other software manufacturers stop supporting their program on the operating system as well for the very reasons above. What does this mean for you? Get ahead of it. Don’t wait until January 14th. If your computer is Windows 7, you likely have a slightly older machine as it is, so the time to act is now. We build and sell good, mid-grade computers that have Windows 10 on them for $675. Typical turn around time is 1-2 weeks from date of order. Your second option is if your computer is still in pretty decent shape, have us pick up your computer and upgrade it to Windows 10. Whatever route you choose, don’t wait until the final months, there will be a rush like there always is and you likely will have waited to late.

Nerd News
Again, I  extend my apologies for dropping the ball on the monthly newsletter. However, it has all been for good reasons. We have been growing! We have have doubled in size over the past year and have had to shift accordingly. We have moved our offices from our previous location to our new location at 13740 Research Blvd., just across the highway from our old office. This office is as before, by appointment only. We simply needed more space! 🙂 We have a new Systems Administrator that has been with us for a month and a half now. I have trained Robert in the way we do things around here, he was trained for a month and he has been operating on his own for about 2 weeks now and is doing great. Robert is new to Nerds in a Flash, but not to the industry and he has proven to be a great fit for us. Our standard at Nerds in a Flash is to provide “Heroic Tech Support”, in fact it is in our mission statement. All of that being said, Robert fits right in with our culture and we hope you welcome him as we have.

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