Windows 10 – October 2018 Update

Sep 12, 2018

Microsoft announced and confirmed on August 31st that they will be releasing “Redstone 5” (code name) as an official candidate “October 2018 update”. Microsoft did not give a specific update, however what we do know is last year Microsoft released “Fall Creators Update” on October 2017, so we should expect a similar release date. Some of the noted features to be added are dark mode for File Explorer displayed below:

In addition, Cloud Clipboard. Should Cloud Clipboard still not meet your needs, check out 12 alternative clipboard managers. Updates to Notepad that have been included in Insider Preview builds are also expected to officially implemented in the October 2018 update.

“Additionally, linking Android phones to your Windows 10 device will become much easier. With the help of the Your Phone app, users will be able to easily access messages and files on their smartphones from the comfort of their Windows machines.” stated source

Microsoft is wrapping up its last few changes to the October release, meanwhile they are already working on April 2019 update.

I wanted to wrap up this article with a friendly reminder. Ransomware and phishing emails are at an all time high and seem to be building up steam. JUST DON’T DO IT is the mentality you should have. Meaning, if you get an email that says click here or your account will be deactivated, JUST DON’T DO IT. If you get an email from a friend that has a link that says something to the effect of  “click here, I saw this and thought of you”, thats right, JUST DON’T DO IT. Your safest bet, should there be a concern about what an email is asking you to do is to not engage the email at all. Example: if Microsoft emails you and says “Click here or your account will be deactivated within X numbers of days”. Don’t click there, Microsoft doesn’t send out these type of emails. However if you are concerned still about what the email says, simply open your browser and manually go to the site of concern and login. Do not, by any circumstances click the link in the email and do as it asks. Doing so will always get you in trouble.

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