Malware Embedded in CCleaner Tool, 2 Million Put at Risk.

    Hello All! One of the tech industries favorite tools, CCleaner by Piriform, has had malicious code detected in two different versions of its software. Piriform, which is owned by Avast, is used by over 400 million customers. CCleaner is a very helpful program that rids computers, PC & Mac, of temporary files and registry issues. The… [Read More]


    Hello All! As a new school year begins for students, we continue to see the same scams attack people. However because of so much correspondence being done primarily by email, we are seeing a heightened level in scams currently. The core of these scams continue to be the tech support scams & phishing emails. Most,… [Read More]

    A New Petya-esque Ransomware Attack.

    Earlier this morning, many businesses around the world were hit by a new Petya-esque ransomware attack. Tens of thousands of infections have been reported globally, just one month after the WanaCrypt0r outbreak. We do have a vaccine for the infection, that being said, the vaccine does have to be in place before the infection is… [Read More]