Microsoft pulls Windows 10 October 2018 Update….

    As of October 6th Microsoft has pulled Windows 10 October 2018 update, temporarily. This comes after several users reported documents were deleted after the upgrade. There were also reports of Microsoft Edge and the App store not having connectivity after the update has been applied. For safety Microsoft pulled the latest update, that they were… [Read More]

    An old email scam reinvented, your password in the subject line.

    We have been receiving a lot of emails and calls as of late with concern that you have been compromised. It begins with you receiving an email that starts off with your password in the subject line. From there, you are shocked to see your password in the subject line so you engage the email… [Read More]

    Windows 10 – October 2018 Update

    Microsoft announced and confirmed on August 31st that they will be releasing “Redstone 5” (code name) as an official candidate “October 2018 update”. Microsoft did not give a specific update, however what we do know is last year Microsoft released “Fall Creators Update” on October 2017, so we should expect a similar release date. Some… [Read More]