Microsoft begins denying updates to some Windows 7 users.

    Microsoft made good on blocking security updates for computers with windows 7 and 8.1 with certain types of hardware this week, the biggest impact felt by enterprise class users with Windows 7. Microsoft successfully blocked computers with AMD Carrizo processors however, this block was unintended and Microsoft says they will have the issue resolved in… [Read More]

    Common Phishing attacks and how to fight back.

    Phishing has been around forever. What is to be gained be scammers using phishing attacks? Everything. Credit Card numbers, Usernames and Passwords, personal information, the list honestly goes on and on. Below are some common Phishing attacks and how to fight back. Common Phishing Attacks 1.     Whaling (or cyber-whaling) targets the highest-level company executives who… [Read More]

    Gmail users: Beware of sophisticated scam

    If you have a Gmail account you need to be aware of a scam going around. Heres how the scam works. You will receive an email from someone, likely someone you know, with an attachment. This happens because the senders account has been targeted and they have fallen for the scam. Once you have clicked… [Read More]