Nerds in a Flash Will Find The Cure, No Band-aids Required.

I have to say that the biggest benefit since switching to Nerds in a Flash is that they fix problems before they arise. We have worked with lots of firms in the past who tend to put a band-aid on issues and never return to them until they pop up again. We don't have this problem with Nerds in a Flash. They fix the problem from the root of the issue, and rarely, if ever, have to revisit the problem.

With Nerds in a Flash, we work with the same employee almost every time we have an issue. They save us SO much time by keeping this constant. It’s nice to work with someone who has a name, an identity and a personality, it creates mutual respect which I appreciate.

Their name says it all - the speed is incredible and they just hop on your machine and make the fix straightaway. This has been consistent throughout as well - The day I reached out to inquire about services and pricing, Kelley responded within 15 minutes and was in our office the next day to give me a business card, look at our setup, and meet me personally, once again this is a touch that most firms ignore. 10/10 Would recommend!

Leah Ferguson Office Manager
MF Architecture
Austin, TX

We Have Worry-free IT With Nerds in a Flash!

Since we began working with Nerds in a Flash, we know we are 100% in the hands of experts. That allows us to focus on our jobs, not having to worry about our IT one bit.

Nerds in a Flash give us proactive recommendations to keep our systems running smoothly.  When problems do arise, their admins are on top of it with fast response and the knowledge needed to troubleshoot and resolve them quickly.

Give Nerds in a Flash a try and the results will speak for themselves.

Tim Kelly CEO
Crux Manufacturing
Austin, TX

Prompt, Proactive And Easy To Work With

The biggest benefit in working with Nerds in a Flash has been their prompt service and the ease of communicating with them. Usually, an email is all it takes to get what we need!

The admins communicate freely with us in a way we can understand. They work with us to explain any issues we have and how to resolve them or prevent them from happening again which makes our lives easier.

Give Nerds in a Flash the opportunity to take care of your IT needs, you will not regret it!

Myrna Urbina CFO
AR Machining, Inc.
Hutto, TX

Nerds in a Flash Handles The IT So We Can Handle Our Business

The biggest benefit we have seen since switching to Nerds in a Flash is how smoothly everything runs now!

I am glad we made the switch! Before Nerds in a Flash, we dealt with slow response times, frequent server downtime and techs that overcomplicated things or avoided explaining what the issue was. Our IT is running smoothly now and when the occasional issue arises, The Nerds make everything easy to understand and can walk you through what is going on, which is fantastic! They handle our IT so we can handle our business.

I love the support and confidence I have knowing the Nerds are keeping our company running smoothly. There for us when we need them and handling everything to our satisfaction!

Kay Bartley Owner
Bartley Construction
Austin, TX

Trustworthy, Quick and Knowledgeable

With Nerds in a Flash I have Peace of mind.  I know without a doubt that our data is safe in their hands. Their quick response time, and ability to solve every IT problem fast and efficiently has won over the entire office!

No inexperienced techs that waste time and require us to escalate the tickets to get real solutions. Nerds in a Flash hires experienced,

knowledgeable Systems Engineers who can quickly remote in and give accurate solutions in minutes- allowing my team to get back to work and not disrupt workflow.

I highly recommend Nerds in a Flash to everyone that I talk with about IT solutions, and I know our entire staff would as well.

Mandie Morris Controller
Urban Dirt
Austin, TX

What More Do You Need??

We have been with Nerds in a Flash for four years. Whenever we have a problem, Nerds in a Flash is on it and they fix said problem with quickness and ease.

If anyone asked my advice for an MSP, I would tell them to pull the trigger as Nerds in a Flash will fulfill their needs in a timely manner and what more do you need?

Samuel Lusk Owner
AYS Engineering, LLC
Round Rock, TX